What Are The Benefits Of Unique Mobile Numbers To Your Business?

What Are The Benefits Of Unique Mobile Numbers To Your Business?

What are The Benefits of Unique Mobile Number to your Business?


Jason, Business Analyst, Malaysia

8 June 2017

A Mobile Number is one of the most important parts of business, big or small as it can improve communication between your company and its clients and customers. Without a suitable handphone number, you can communicate only through email which can take time to complete the conversation on personal level. So, to ensure optimum use of your telephone system, you should choose a premium mobile number for your business carefully.

A Golden Vip Number can be memorable if it has patterns or groups of digits like 010-311 3333, 999 8888, 666 3838, etc. according to various psychologists human brain can easily remember any information up to seven pieces or numbers. But a mobile number can have more than seven digits including area code then it must have some groups or patterns of numbers so that they can be remembered easily.

Easy to recall

Everyone linked to your business including you, your friends, family, and colleagues can remember such numbers easily. Your company can gain competitive advantage as your significant mobile number will make a great impact with your clients.

Easy to recall

Easy identification of your brand


The great mobile number of your business can be one of the identification marks for your brand. The users of your mobile number can easily recognize the type of your business. You can easily establish the image and reputation of your business by choosing a mobile number with multiple or repeated digits.

“A Brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audiences in a relevant way”

Look great on your business stationery


When you put your excellent mobile number on your business cards, on the point of sales, banners, leaflets, email signatures and website, etc. then it looks ideal for your business. Such unique numbers will be symbolic for you and your family and friends. You need not change it even if your alter the address of your business.


Track Marketing Campaign with unique numbers

Track your Marketing Campaign


The unique mobile number of your business can help you to track the effect of the marketing emails you sent last week to your listed customers. You can allow your sales staff to humbly answer the calls of your clients by combining your business VoIP with your business mobile number. (For more information you can visit at https://www.gradwell.com/2011/01/25/3-reasons-memorable-numbers)

In this way, a significant mobile number can make great difference in your business profitability by identifying your brand, bring more business leads and tracking the effect of your marketing campaign. So, if you want to buy a personalized mobile number for your business, then you can visit our website for our latest listing page here.

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