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Jason, Business Analyst
15 June 2017
More and more users have switched to prepaid plans due to the convenience of managing telco account through Mobile App, and the freedom of contract-free internet plan. Best of all, a user can reduce the monthly commitment of internet subscription. You can get a high 10 GB internet plan with just RM 50.

These Plans are suitable for High data consumption user who enjoys Video and Music Streaming on the go. Even better for a user who requires personal hotspot data to complete their work when sipping coffee outdoors. Based on our review, U Mobile offer the highest quota with whopping 12 GB of High-speed internets, while Digi and Xpax offer an adequate 10 GB of data.

Video and music streaming have been the largest consumption of Data in our mobile devices, and we must include in Video and Music Streaming as a plus point in this category. U Mobile offering a 4 GB bonus video streaming for their RM 50 package and Digi offering an unbeatable deal of 10 GB video and music streaming monthly as long the prepaid have its validity. After a long consideration, we have decided

“Our Clear Winner: Digi Prepaid Live”

Here’s why, DiGi Prepaid Live: 10 GB of high-speed internet + 10 GB of Video and Music Streaming monthly

Total worth of RM 50 Internet = 20 GB 

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“Close Winner: U Mobile Unlimited Power”

Close Winner: U Mobile 

12 GB of internet + 4 GB Video Streaming + Unlimited Music and Social Stream

Total worth of RM 50 Internet = 16 GB

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