Celcom First Gold Plan Review

In this Era of Technology and civilization, communication has indeed advanced to greater heights. Unlike a century ago when communication across the globe was clumsy and unreliable, today’s world is so much different, thanks to technology.  

An example of these telecommunication service providers in Malaysia is Celcom.  Not only does a Celcom sim service provider get you an exclusive Celcom phone number. They offer you a reliable service at an affordable price.

A Celcom number provides you RM3 airtime and affordable terms of payment. What sets Celcom apart from its cutthroat competitors, is the ability to offer a reliable network, lots of freebies regarding free basic internet and hi-speed connections to other gadgets that are remotely-found.

Apart from the normal communication, the Celcom’s yonder music app will keep your head bumping to great music. Get carried away by inviting music as you are driving or engaging your favorite hobby.

Some gold plans get premium access to yonder services thus assuring you thoroughly entertained days.  Also, for efficient speed, the brand has come up with the Celcom broadband in which you just subscribe and get more tailored services.

So why choose a Celcom sim card? Simple you got to enjoy all this:

  • Celcom is user-friendly, making its usage a walk in the park
  • Connection is good when you are using it for personal consumption and used in the correct way
  • You get connected to the internet at affordable rates
  • You get a kings attention with a Celcom VIP number

After that brief introduction about Celcom, let’s dig in and get to know what Celcom first gold plan is all about and why it kicks to the curb.

Celcom First gold plan |RM80


The plan is available on a variety of media including the online front for subscription. It has a variety of excellent features and packages, as you are going to see in the article.

The first gold plan is in a kind of its own class. It offers a large quantity of free internet data, a whopping 10 GB and unlimited calls and texts across all networks with only RM80 per month parting your wallet.

Like any plan out there, this model also has its own way of working. So, here is the deal:



  • Its 10gb data quota gets split into two halves that is two 5gb’s, so we have the first portion which is considered as the principal monthly bundle while the second portion gets allotted for the weekends, that means in four weeks we have 1.25gb for each weekend.
  • You can carry forward the unused data. But, this happens to the main monthly data that is the 5 GB. As for the weekend data, this does not apply thus any 1.25 GB that does not get used during the weekend, goes to waste, come the following Monday.
  • In case you exhaust your monthly data allocation, your speeds will be pegged down to a much lower speed of 64kbps.
  • You are allowed to stream music for free from Celcom’s yonder music app, a trial period of 12 months.
  • If you subscribe and use Celcom’s wifi plus zones, you get a 5gb allocation.
  • You get a bonus of internet equivalent to 1gb when your bill reaches RM225 and above. If it hits RMM500, you get 2gb.

A good thing with this plan is that it is contract-free. This means you don’t have any strings attached. You can move in and out at your own discretion. Getting signed up to this plan is pretty easy. Just head to their official page on their website or any Celcom outlet found countrywide and register from there.  Or you can get them online and be included in the plan.

Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages:


  • An impressive package for those in need of unlimited calls and SMSes for Rm98. Unlimited calls are across all networks. Seal all your deals without worry of buying talk time or network restrictions
  • Comes in handy when you got a tight budget and you need some light surfing on the net. For RM20 per month, the plan offers 20gb worth of data bundles ( 10 GB for the weekend and 10 GB for the weekdays)
  • Unlimited WhatsApp and Wechat
  • First 1+5 family plan. You can keep in touch with your family with up to 5 supplementary lines
  • Free unlimited yonder music
  • With a monthly fee of RM10, you can enjoy the privileges of no contract commitment, auto debit savings, and an extended credit limit
  • Let’s you to carry forward the bundles you have not used on the net, which may come in handy in times when you want to do some heavy lifting from the net.


  • Might be discouraging if you rely heavily on texting since there is a charge of 20sen/SMS

Celcom First Gold Supreme | RM128



About the Gold Supreme

The first gold supreme is at the apex of the first gold plans. True to word, it offers much more benefits compared to the other first gold plans. Therefore what should you expect with this program?




  • More data than ever: It adds on some 30gb data on top of that is provided by the gold scheme. Thus you will have 25gb for the weekend and 25gb for weekdays. These are enough for heavy browsing and lifting. Never run out of internet data.
  • Endless connection: free unlimited calls and free social media. Chat away with your family and friends without any worries of data bundles.
  • Endless entertainment: You get 25gb free video walla and also a premium access to yonder music. Get thrilled with the latest movies and series without the worries of data running out or draining your pockets for data. Premium access to yonder means that you get the top layer of music available including the latest releases and any other kind of VIP treatment.

How to get a free smartphone through Celcom First Gold Plan ?

With the upgrade of the first gold plan, there comes a bag of free goodies inform of smartphones. You only need to upgrade to the latest gold plans. For instance, we have the first gold supreme and first gold plus.


What to do

Subscribing to this plan is a breeze. Just go to the Celcom website and sign up for the program. The plan will cost you RM128/month. You will get one of these smartphones for free:


  • Huawei Y6 II
  • Samsung galaxy j2 prime
  • iPhone 6 (32GB)
  • Samsung galaxy j1
  • Samsung galaxy j3 pro
  • Samsung galaxy j3

Celcom First Gold Plus | RM98


Just like the previous plan, all you need is to sign up for it at the website. Though it comes at a lower level than the gold supreme, you will still enjoy some additional benefits. The plan will set you back RM98 a month. So, let’s take a look at some of the advantages associated with this scheme.



  • 20gb weekday and 20gb free weekend internet, which is comparatively enough, especially if you aren’t doing some heavy lifting on the net.
  • Unlimited chat and WhatsApp
  • Unlimited calls to all networks
  • First 1+5 family plan which means you can subscribe your family members on additional lines

How to get the free smartphone

Just sign up, and you will get a free Samsung smartphone.

Terms and conditions of the plan


As a matter of fact, with any program or service, there must be some regulations to be followed. As a user of this scheme you have to get acquainted with some of the following conditions:


  • The plan got available for subscription as from 16th August 2017 and will continue being available until further notice which will be issued by Celcom. And, Celcom has the powers to extend or discontinue the plan.
  • Your internet service provided by Celcom shall start on the day you activate the service and will be effective until the termination of the program.
  • The plan is not for any commercial utilization; it gets specifically meant for a regular person to person calls and texts. Non-standard usage includes scenarios such as machine to machine communication, using it in a call center, sending bulk messages, telemarketing, among other activities that Celcom may deem non-standard usage.

Final verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient communication model, then the first Gold Plan is your go-to model. The unlimited calls across all the networks and the permission to endlessly scour the social media apps, plus free unlimited yonder music are tantalizing enough and are hard to ignore.

To get more of the first gold plan, go for the upgraded plans that is the gold plus and gold supreme. Get assured of more necessities concerning internet data and other privileges such as premium subscriptions. To wrap it all, a free smartphone comes in tow.

It’s never too late to start chatting away with your loved ones or surfing the net without a shudder running out of internet data. Grab this plan and Celcom phone number today and get ready for an overwhelming experience.

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