All About Digi Latest Family Plan

In case you don’t know this already, Digi is offering a new family plan for unlimited calls at only RM50/month with up to 24GB per person.

Here are some of the features you should know about:

  • It’s ideal for a small or big family of three to five members.
  • Up to 120GB of shareable data is allowed, with all lines getting unlimited calls. 

Digi is offering two plans:

a) RM 150 plan with two free family lines. Here, there’s 60GB interest to share with unlimited calls to all networks for all lines.

b) RM 250 plan with four free family lines. Here, you get 120GB of internet to share with unlimited calls to all networks for all lines.

  • If you make the calculation, it comes up to RM50 per line for both plans.
  • Both options give you 300 SMSes per month.
  • Mobile internet data is split between weekdays and weekends, so you get 30-30 GB for RM150 plan and 60-60 GB for RM150 plan on weekdays and weekends respectively.
  • However, it’s very easy for you to top up your data in case you run out of it too soon. Topping up with RM15 gets you an additional 5GB, and topping up with RM25 gets you an extra 10GB.
  • Instead of paying multiple bills, you only have to pay one single bill for all data connections and network lines.


To conclude, here are the pros and cons of this deal:


  1. Fewer bills to pay
  2. It’s convenient for all family members
  3. It’s very cheap, keeping in mind individual and overall cost
  4. Topping up data is simple 


  1. Not useful for a family of only two members (without children) or a family with six or more members
  2. Weekday and weekend data is split, so more often than not, you’ll end up topping up your data connection Keeping these points in mind, decide whether you want to go with Digi’s latest family plan or not.

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