Don’t get sucked in by other postpaid plans offering lower coverage and rates. You too can be in the know and have a great phone coverage. Now being offered by Digi is there clandestine package. It seems they only want the best of the best to know about it. They are offering Digi 38 and 58 plans for any who wish to either subscribe as a new user, transfer their number over or if you are already part of the company upgrade. At the edge of your seat wondering what they’re offering? Let’s get into it

The Digi 38 plan offers a steal with unlimited calling to all networks. In addition to he unlimited calling you get 2GB of monthly data. Worried about internet? His plan also comes with 1GB of high speed internet data daily. This is consistent for as long as you keep your line active. If you opted into the biGBonus data, which is being offered until December 31, the extra data would only be available during 1pm-7pm. Now how much does this plan cost? Nothing that will hurt, scare, or anger your wallet. This plan has a price of RM38 a month, it is valid for 30 days and offers and auto renewal set up. This plan is always active.

If you are in need of more data there are also the RM58, 80 and 110 plans each offering unlimited calling to all networks. If completed online each deal offers the first month free.

The RM58 offers up to 10GB of monthly data, free 5GB of weekend data included. This new upgraded plan replaces the RM50 plan. That old plan only offer 100 minutes of free call a month. If you sign up soon, telco will offer a cash voucher for one month of RM20. Total offer would be a package of RM78. If all of that was not enough each of the plans offer 1GB+ of internet rollover each month.

The RM80 package offers 20GB of data, free 10GB of weekend data included. This plan offers a cash voucher of RM40, to give a plan of RM120 for free for the first month.

The RM110, which offers the biggest bang for your buck also gives an extra RM40 cash voucher for free. Landing you a whopping RM150 for a month free at the price of RM110. This plan offers 25GB of internet all day and free unlimited weekend high speed internet. Now that is a Christmas present the whole family can get in on.

A little more information on the biGBonus, there are 5 plans to look at. Starting from RM10, 30, 48, 68 and 88. While surfing through the site you may see a pop up offering you the chance to save an extra 12% for the biGBonus 4G phone bundle.

RM 10

  • 1.5GB high speed internet data
  • 1GB a day
  • Bonus 7GB

RM 30

  • 5GB high speed internet data
  • 1GB a day
  • Bonus 30GB

RM 48

  • 10GB high speed internet data
  • 1GB a day
  • Bonus 30GB

RM 68

  • 15GB high speed internet data
  • 1GB a day
  • Bonus 30GB

RM 88

  • 20GB high speed internet data
  • 1GB a day
  • Bonus 30GB

If a new number is needed one can be obtained cheap.They are also offering a year end sale, ends soon.

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