The futuristic and most anticipated iPhone X (read iPhone “10”) was launched on 3rd Nov 2017. It is hands down, one of the best iPhone introduced by Apple.


While its price- RM5,149 for the basic 64GB model and RM5,899 for the 264GB version- is seemingly way above what an average Malaysian would want to pay for a Smartphone, Apple CEO, Tim Cook said that it’s a ‘’value price’’ considering the technology that has been packed in this phone.

So, if you are willing to look past the cost, what features welcome you to this new era of Smartphones? The first notable aspect is going to be its 5’’ OLED display which is not only an iPhone’s first but also by far the best that you’d expect on a Smartphone. Other notable elements include a dual-lens rear camera boasting a staggering 12 megapixels and a 7mp front camera.

For the hard-to-please, you’ll be amazed to hear that Apple’s Face ID has finally made its debut on iPhone X. This coveted facial recognition technology utilizes TrueDepth camera system to recognize your face even in the darkest nights and it’s not confused by new hairstyles and hats.

Price and Availability of the iPhone X in Malaysia

The iPhone X is ready for pre-order in Malaysia with official launching date set on Friday, 24th Nov. 2017. As usual, our 4 telco giants; Digi, Celcom, Maxis, and U Mobile want you to be the first to get it. But what’s amazing is that they are offering you an opportunity to grab one of this next-generation phone at a discounted price.

In this article of the best iPhone X plan in Malaysia, we are going to compare the brands that offer you the best deal if you sign in to their postpaid plans below RM150 and those that have the most favorable monthly installment plans. Stay tuned.

Brands that offer monthly installment plans

As it has always been the case, the 4 local telcos are offering you an opportunity to own the iPhone X through monthly installments stretched across a 24-month contract. The 4 brands also have varying monthly commitments depending on the plan that you choose


For those who want to go with Digi, you have three postpaid options to choose from; Digi Postpaid 78, 108, and 138. The most favorable monthly contract here is certainly the Digi Postpaid 78. You’ll be parting with RM78 only per month.

DiGi IPhone X Installment Plan

There’s a catch though. By the end of this contract, you’ll have bought the iPhone X 64GB at RM3895 and the 256GB model at RM4555 which is a whole RM400 more than the Postpaid 138 plan on both versions.

With Digi Postpaid 138, you’ll be paying RM138 monthly where the iPhone X 65GB will cost you RM3495 while the 256GB costs RM4155 only. With the Digi Postpaid 108 plan which requires RM108/month, the 65GB version costs RM3695 while the RM4355.

What perks do you get with each plan?

Good thing is that Digi is offering an irresistible call and free data mix with each plan. For instance, all plans offer you unlimited calls across all networks. You also get 12GB, 18GB, and 24GB of data with the 78, 108, and 138 Digi Postpaid plans respectively.



U Mobile


With the U mobile, you can choose to buy your iPhone X either online or from a U mobile store near you. Either way, you’ll have to choose between 2 iPlans i90 and i130.

With the i90 plan, you’ll be paying RM90 for the monthly plan and RM181 phone installment each month for the 64GB model (total RM271/month). The 256GB version will cost you RM297 each month (RM130+ RM167 phone installment).

Check Out U Mobile I Phone X Installment Plan

The i130 seems worth going for considering that you get 10GB high-speed data, unlimited calls, video onz, music onz, app onz, and Waze. You also get 8GB worth of roam onz and 65sms to all networks.

If you prefer the i90 plan, you’ll be getting 7GB high-speed quota, 7GB video onz, 5GB roam onz, and unlimited calls, waze, and music and app onz. You also get 45 SMS to all networks.

Note that after depleting your SMS bundle per month, any other text will be charged at 3sen/SMS to U mobile and 8sen/SMS to all other networks.


With Celcom, you can get this iPhone with either the Standard Contract plan or the EasyPhone contract.

The EasyPhone is an all-in-one bundle that combines the phone installment and the mobile plan into a single payment. The First Platinum Plus offers the lowest rates at RM138/month for the 65GB phone and RM165/month for the 256GB model.

Celcom Iphone X Installment Plan 

If you want to get this iPhone at the cheapest price though, the Standard Contract is the way to go. For instance, you can get it at as little as RM3,078 with the First Platinum Plus plan with a monthly commitment of RM188.

For those who want to pay slightly lower each month, the rates per month get lower with the First Platinum, First Gold Supreme, and First Gold Plus where you’ll be paying RM148, RM128, and RM98 respectively.

The only catch though is that the lower the monthly commitment, the more you’ll pay for the iPhone X at the end of the 24-month contract. The First Gold Plus plan that requires RM98/month, for instance, will cost you RM3,718 at the end of the contract which is almost RM700 more than what you’d have paid for the First Platinum Plus.

Worth pointing out is that the Standard contract requires an upfront payment which will, however, be rebated back each month. The upfront payments are as follows;

  • Platinum Plus – RM1300
  • Platinum – RM1,100
  • Gold Supreme – RM900
  • Gold Plus – RM700

What perks will you be getting with Celcom?

You’ll be getting unlimited calls with the Gold Plus and Gold Supreme plans. The former also offers you 20GB data bundle for the weekdays and a whole 20GB for the weekends.

For the SMS guzzlers, the Platinum and Platinum plus might be the best options since you get unlimited calls and unlimited SMS for the whole month. Celcom First Platinum also offers you 30GB all-day data and another 30GB for the weekends.

Things get even better with the Platinum Plus though where you get unlimited calls and SMS and 100GB data usable all day.


For those who swear by Maxis, you are in for a really good treat this time round. Maxis offers you an opportunity to get away with the iPhone X at the lowest price possible.

The Maxis ONE plan 188 will get you the iPhone X for as low as RM3,075 at RM188 per month. This plan also comes with 50GB worth of data (usable between 4 other lines) and unlimited calls and texts.

With the Maxis ONE plan 158, you’ll be paying RM30 less per month although the price of the phone gets a little bit higher at RM3,295. This plan also comes bundled up with 40GB data (usable between 3 lines) and unlimited calls and texts.

The Maxis ONE plan 128 has the least rates per month at RM128 but also the highest price for the device at RM3,505. You’ll also be getting unlimited calls and texts though the data bundle has been capped to 30GB only which is usable between 2 lines.

 Most favorable brand with a postpaid plan that is below RM150


From these figures, it’s evident that the total price of the gadget goes high with a decrease in the amount payable per month. For instance, Digi Postpaid 78 has the lowest monthly commitment at RM78. However, you’ll have parted with RM3,895 for the 64GB phone and RM4,555 for the 264GB phone after the 24-month contract.

Celcom emerges as the most favorable brand regarding affordable monthly commitment and the total price of the iPhone X. With Celcom First Gold Plus (standard contract), you’ll only be paying RM98 per month which is way affordable. The cost of the iPhone is also favorable at RM3,718 or RM4,378 for the 64GB and 264GB model respectively.


Best brand for data

For those who want lots and lots of data, consider Celcom First Platinum Plus which offers 100GB of data. The monthly commitment is pretty high at RM188. On the flipside, the iPhone will cost you unbelievable RM3078 (64GB) and RM only.

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