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1 013-9190101 ABAB
2 013-9450101 ABAB
3 013-9710101 ABAB
4 013-9880101 ABAB
5 016-6770101 ABAB
6 016-9090101 ABAB
7 019-6160101 ABAB
8 019-9690101 ABAB
9 0111-8510101 ABAB
10 0111-8550101 ABAB

The VIP Number Category

Platinum Number

RM5000 – RM50,000

The Most Wanted Number.  Numbers are arange with 5 or 4 similar digit in a row :

011 31333333

0111 5666666

0111 5888888

Golden Number

RM1500 – RM9000

For collector in serious business. You can find the best in here such as :

0111 9999 888

014  333 8888

011 2233 2222

Silver Number

RM800 – RM5000

Best value for your business. Number are arrange like :

011 2228 2228

011 18999990

010 5111 000

Special Number

RM100 – RM2000

The most affordable plan to choose from. Number are arrange with wide varieties of categories like :

011 2299 8822

0112 244 6888

0112 255 8833

About VIP Number Malaysia

We are the largest VIP Cell Phone Number Company in Malaysia. We supply a broad range of network provider including Maxis VIP Number, Digi Vip Number, Celcom VIP Number , U Mobile and Tune Talk. Started as a collector since 2008, our number grow from 100 to 5000+ over the year. We are now dedicated to help and provide the best premium number for anyone and everyone, from private individuals to large corporate businesses.

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